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Core Values/ Principles

  • Partnership and collaboration as cornerstones of UEWCA’s Philosophy: UEWCA strongly believes that development can be achieved and effectively sustained only through partnership among different actors including government, civil society organizations, the private sector and the community at large;
  • Trust: - build the trust worthy of UEWCA, members, partners and donor organizations at all levels of our work;
  • Teamwork: UEWCA adheres to the principle that building teams is a powerful force that binds UEWCA and its members together and moves them foreword successfully;
  • Commitment: To realize our vision and mission;
  • Transparency and Accountability: Enhancing and maintaining transparency and accountability  in its operation, and utilization of resources;
  • Empowerment: UEWCA puts community empowerment and capacitating members at the center of its principles and actions;
  • Respect: For partnership, alliance and networking.
  • Gender Sensitivity: UEWCA adheres to and promotes the principles of gender equity and equality both at institutional and programmatic levels;
  • Flexibility: Showing our willingness to change and learn;
  • Excellence and professionalism: In its interventions, UEWCA will focus on best quality of work and provide creative expertise to ensure sustained impact is achieved and maintained;
  • Solidarity: With likeminded networks and organizations, other CSOs, governmental organizations, donors, the community and staff members;
  • Sustainability: UEWCA highly values that sustainability of its interventions and the impacts are keys to the achievement of its mission;
  • Persisting: To act according to the value we wish to promote.