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Strategic Objectives

  • In support of our Vision and Mission, UEWCA has the following organizational strategic objectives
    Ensure Socio Economic empowerment of women/girls and children;
  • Address issues pertaining to reduction of cultural and traditional practices that affect the health situation of women/girls.
  • Enhancing the institutional capacity of members, forging strong partnership and networking among its members and partners, likeminded organizations and stakeholders thereby systematically synchronize their efforts to promote the wellbeing of women/girls and children;
  • Accelerate women organizations resource mobilization by providing the resources, technical backup: training, mentoring and identifying sources of funds and propose strategies to access;
  • Enable women and girl’s leadership/role-modeling in-terms of income generation/ so that they practice life-long habits of entrepreneurship;
  • Ensure Environmental Protection and Water Development;
  • Rehabilitate and Reintegrate Trafficked and Abused women and Children.